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is a small town 3 km inland from the beach resort of Kumköy you cannot find lot of information about this magical land, its located near to Side, on the "Turkish Riviera". The center of Ilıca has a rural village character with old stone houses built around a central square. There are a handful of small shops, a small park, teahouses, a weekly open markets, primary school and the inevitable football ground.

Where is Ilica located ?

Ilıcais 60 km from Antalya and 10 km from Manavgat. It is famous for its old stone houses, world-famous beach and holiday resorts located in the tourist area. Kumköy is connected to Ilıca.

What to do and where to eat in Ilıca?

I hope you will be satisfied when you visit it. Contact our transfer rental car agency for further information.If you haven’t made a reservation before, you should probably first find a nice hostel where you can stay or a private villa and with our transfer we will assure you to get there comfortably and safe.In ilica many very nice, comfortable and beautiful hostels for each budget and for luxury lovers , there are very fancy villas n IlıcaIt is not easy to get information about this village and with our transfer it will be easy to reach here is details you can’t easily find.

There are two spa facilities in the town. Both have public indoor and public outdoor pools; bathtubs. family style hot tubs are available too.also some restaurants around are at your disposal you get the exact location with the driver. Whichever you like, let them bring the Turkish food you crave to your table. The food is so organic and only have to name the dish you want., we or our driver would definitely recommend the famous "Ilıca pan".)

you may try to have a walk around the bazaar and Buy the delicious fruits that stand on the counters of greengrocers and markets. The bazaar it has become ten times more beautiful every year. Mayor, Mr. Aslan Kaçmaz, has completely renewed the streets so the guests can have a more enjoyable tour. And every year more changes to make this village reachable don’t worry our driver will help you .to have the best transfer trip possible.

in ilica there is a fixed market place, go there at least once.Because you can find everything organic and local here.

Genuine butter, pure honey, peach, grape, apple, pear, walnut, raisin, sausage, tarhana etc.

Let me tell you, make sure that the baker throws Ilıca's unique fragrant pita on the meal...

While it's best, buy this "hot yoghurt" from the market. around your hostel, turn on the tap, add ice-cold water, make a delicious ayran.we would recommend you to go to your recreation areas with gardens and ice-cold waters. You don't have to eat, take a walk, have fun, sit under the trees for tea.

Or get in your rental car, or with your transfer and take the road towards Zeytin... which mean olives Its current name is Süleymanlı. located 10 km away

There are many different places. It is like an open-air museum with its Kavaklı gardens, three-fluted historical cold spring, bloody bridge and castle. Armenians used to live here. A lot to the Turkish, who persecuted a lot in their time.

When you reach Zeytin, you go to the "Barracks Obasi" and visit the martyrdom

if you have done driving with your car or your private transfer around go back to Ilıca

Ilıca's evenings are even more beautiful you can find everything.

to spend a good time Firstly, you can take the children to the amusement park so they can have a good time you can find many suitable activities for each age.

Also, do not leave without buying gifts, at least you will keep it for yourself as a "Ilıca souvenir".

If you are tired of traveling, you can go to a nice patisserie; There is either a tea garden or a park. Especially if you come from another province, I would say a patisserie. A portion of "Maraş ice cream"

By the way, the most important thing is to provide you with best information. do not hesitate to book our transfer with all facilities and child seats also with GPS service and Follow the written instruction to have a better experience.

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