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Antalya Kaleici places to visit

Most Beautiful Spots

Antalya KaleiçiDistrict (Old Town) is one of the must-visit places with its wooden and stone houses smelling of history, narrow streets, nightlife, Mermerli Beach and marina. This is the oldest settlement. Although mostly preferred for sea-sand-sun tourism, Antalya, the holiday paradise of the Mediterranean Region, is flooded by both local and foreign tourists with a rich historical monuments and ancient places. So, here are the places you can visit in Antalya Kaleici.

as Mustafa Kemal Atatürk once said when he visited Antalya in 1930: "Antalya is undoubtedly the most beautiful place in the world.

of the historyAntalya Kaleici

so let’s mention a bit of the history so that we can enjoy more while visiting this historical region, which carries Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman Seljuk artifacts and architectures, goes back to the ancient 2000 years ago.

This region, which has preserved its beauty until today, is located in the Muratpaşa District of Antalya. Besides its historical beauty, it is also frequented place to socialize and enjoy life night style.

How to Go to Antalya Kaleici?

It is very easy to reach Kaleiçi, which is a part of Muratpaşa District, by public transportation, taxi or your private vehicle. we frequently see a large public transportations taxi private transfer vip cars all kind of vehicles with rich facilities for kids disable people during 24/7

There are many bus services from Antalya bus station to Kaleici. Apart from the bus, you can also take the tram from the bus station the transportations are connected to Mark Antalya Shopping Center near Kaleici, and then you can reach it by walking.

You can reach Kaleici from Antalya Airport by bus number 600, getting off at a stop close to MarkAntalya AVM. If you ask how to get to Kaleici from Konyaaltı, it takes 20-25 minutes by city bus. if you get a private trasfer that would take less than 15 min.

 Where are the historical and tourist places to visit?

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Antalya, the pearl of the Mediterranean, Beautiful beaches, ski resort, ancient cities, historical artifacts, museums, nightlife, natural beauties. It meets everyone's expectations it hosts more than 10 million tourists a year. And even more. let’s point out where to go in the historical Kaleici region.

Hadrian's Gate (Hadrian's Gate)

-(Hadrian's Gate) was built in memory of the Roman Emperor Hadrian's trip to Antalya. The architecture of the triple opening building is designed with arches. With its marble columns, workmanship, carvings and reliefs, the 2000-year-old door is still as beautiful as the first day.

-I recommend that you pass through this door that reflects the ancient period to the present day and take beautiful photos there. Speaking of historical places, I would like to see Termessos Ancient City, which is only 35 kilometers away from here. you can reach it by your car or private transfer.

 Antalya Kaleici Marina

Surrounded by walls and with a magnificent view, the marina was one of the most important commercial and trading ports of the Mediterranean during the Byzantine period. Now, daily boat tours are organized for local and foreign tourists in the port. You must try it while you are there take a boat tour in Antalya on a sunny day.

You can see places such as cliffs, Düden Waterfall (Karpuzkaldıran), Konyaaltı Beach with daily boat tours departing from Antalya Antique Harbor. For boat tour prices, you can get information and make a reservation with your agency or maybe the transfer company would suggest for you some choices.

Among the streets There are also many restaurants, cafes, bars and nightclubs in the streets in Kaleici.

Antalya Clock Tower

In 1901, II. The historical Clock Tower, has become one of the landmarks of Antalya over time. The clock of the tower was built by the II German Emperor. It was gifted by Wilhelm. There are clocks on all four sides of the 14-meter-high square tower.

The Suna

İnan Kıraç Kaleiçi Museumconsists of a traditional 19th century Turkish house and the Hagia Yorgi next to the Church. The old photographs exhibited in the museum, mannequins dressed appropriately for the region and the house architecture reflect the traditional Turkish culture.

When it comes to entertainment venues in Kaleiçi, nightclubs and bars such as Tudors Arena, Filika Cafe Bar, Holly Stone Performance Hall, The Roxx Pub, Shaker Pub and Raven Pub are among the most preferred places. Alternatively, Antalya Konyaaltı nightclubs, bars and entertainment venues can be preferred.

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In addition, if you want to rent a house for a day in Antalya, you can rent a flat at a safe and affordable price using the Airbnb site or some local websites.

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