transfer to belek

transfer to belek

Belek Transfer

Belek is one of the touristic districts of Antalya, where transfer service is provided. In this district, which has a Mediterranean climate, the summer months are very active. For this reason, passengers arriving at the airport frequently visit Belek. Generally, transfer services are provided for the realization of these visits for tourism purposes.

When you reach the airport, you can travel to any touristic place in the district thanks to Çakır Travel's Antalya Belek transfer service. Transfer vehicles are suitable for different numbers of people and are extremely luxurious. It is possible to feel special and safe with these vehicles.

Information About Belek

Belek is one of the most popular holiday regions in Turkey. Belek, which is one of the most popular districts of Antalya and has recently come to the fore with its golf courses, has increased its popularity with its contribution to tourism.

This district, which hosts thousands of local and foreign tourists in the summer months, amazes with its many points worth visiting. The most famous places to visit in Belek are as follows:

• Perge Ancient City

• Aspendos Bridge

• Boğazkent Bird Sanctuary

• Zeytintaş Cave

• Sillyon Ancient City

• Köprülü Canyon National Park

• Pednelissos Ancient City

• Golf Clubs

• Belek Clock Tower

The places we have listed above are among the most popular historical buildings in Belek.

How Many Kilometers Between Antalya Airport and Belek?

“How many kilometers from Antalya Belek?” The question is frequently asked by the passengers who will land at the airport. When you arrive at Antalya Airport, you can reach your destination for an average of 40 minutes by taking advantage of the Antalya-Belek transfer service offered by Çakır Travel. Although this period is 40 kilometers on average, it varies depending on the distance of the hotel and similar places you stay. It is possible to get Antalya Airport Belek transfer service by choosing the vehicle you want.

How Many Kilometers Between Gazipaşa Airport and Belek?

Thanks to Antalya Belek vip transfer service, you can comfortably go to Belek from Gazipaşa Airport. The average distance between Gazipaşa Airport and Belek is 146 kilometers. This distance means that when you get off at Gazipaşa Airport, you will reach Belek in an average of 2 hours and 13 minutes. Since Antalya Belek taxi fares are above the average, you can make more convenient payments by taking transfer service.

Belek Popular Transfer Destinations

You can visit popular places in the district by taking the Transfer Belek Antalya Airport service. If you want to visit Belek for holiday purposes, you can choose the places most visited by tourists.

Transfer points that have become popular for Belek are as follows:

• Kadriye

• Serik

• Bogazkent

Antalya Belek Transfer Fees

Antalya Belek transfer fees vary depending on the distance of the address subject to the transfer service and the vehicle model from which the service is received. Antalya Belek transfer prices start from 30 Euros on average. However, the price ranges vary depending on the type of transfer service and the number of people in the vehicle you prefer.

Belek Transfer Vehicles

Antalya Airport Belek transfer vehicles differ depending on the number of passengers and your needs. Transfer services provided by Çakır Travel with the most comfortable vehicles cover different vehicle models. You can choose between vehicle options such as private taxi for 2 people, minivan for 4, 6 and 15 people and midibus for 25 people according to your wishes and needs.

Cakir Travel Belek Transfer

Transfer The transfer service provided for Belek Alanya district is provided with the assurance of Çakır Travel. When you come to Antalya, you can get transfer service with vehicles such as minibus, shuttle bus, taxi, minivan.

Private transfer vehicles vary according to the number of different people. You can choose the vehicle model you want to bring your travel pleasure to the highest point. While providing transportation from Antalya to Belek, you can examine Çakır Travel's private transfer vehicles suitable for every need for both a comfortable and reliable travel, and you can enjoy the comfort throughout your trip