transfer to kemer

transfer to kemer

Kemer Transfer

Kemer transfer service; It is a service provided to provide transportation from Antalya Airport to hotels and similar accommodation places in Kemer by private vehicles.

Located close to the airport, Kemer is one of the most touristic districts of Antalya. It is possible to see the most beautiful form of the sea, sand and sun trio in Kemer. Thanks to these natural beauties, the number of tourists coming to Kemer is increasing from year to year.

Whether you are on vacation or on a business trip, you can visit the touristic and historical places in Kemer comfortably by taking a transfer service for Antalya Kemer transportation.

Information About Kemer

Kemer is one of the regions where the heart of tourism beats in Turkey. When you come to this district, one of the places you must see is the Ancient City of Phaselis. Cleopatra Bay, which is among the natural beauties of the district, is a place where you can go on magnificent boat tours.

By choosing any of the Alanya Kemer transfer services, you can visit places such as Göynük Canyon, Idyros Ancient City and Çıralı Yanartaş.

How Many Kilometers Between Antalya Airport and Kemer?

“How to get to Antalya Kemer?” The question is one of the most frequently asked questions by domestic and foreign tourists who want to come to Antalya and visit Kemer. When you land at Antalya Airport, you can choose any of the private transfer services to visit Kemer.

The average distance between Antalya Airport and Kemer is 60 kilometers. You can choose private transfer vehicles to provide both fast and comfortable transportation from Antalya Airport to Kemer.

Kemer Popular Transfer Destinations

Transfer Kemer Antalya Airport service is also available for the most popular destinations in Kemer. During your visit to Kemer, there are many touristic areas that you must visit and see. These places, which have historical and touristic value, are flooded with visitors every year.

Kemer transfer is one of the most preferred transportation services in Antalya. The most popular transfer points of Kemer are as follows:

• Phaselis

• Kiriş

• Beldibi

• Camyuva

• Göynuk

• Tekirova

Antalya Kemer Transfer Fees

There are different factors that affect Antalya Kemer transportation costs. The most important factor that determines transportation costs is the distance from the address you will visit in Kemer. In addition, Antalya Kemer transfer fees vary depending on the transfer vehicle you prefer. Because; Vehicles such as minivans, minibuses and private taxis are options where you can get transfer service at different prices.

Çakır Travel's Antalya-Kemer transfer prices vary depending on the region you go to and the vehicle you choose, but starts from 35 Euros.

Kemer Transfer Tools

Antalya Kemer taxi fares are high, which increases the importance of private transfer services. By taking private transfer service, you can reach your destination in the most comfortable and reliable way. Another important feature of these services is that they are economical. The comfort and safety of both your family and you are ensured by transfer services throughout your trip.

The vehicle options you can choose for Antalya Kemer transfer service are as follows:

• Minivan for 6 and 15 people

• Minibus for 9 people

• Private taxi for 2 persons

By choosing one of the private transfer vehicles listed above, you can reach the address you want. In addition to your fixed home or hotel address in Kemer, you can visit touristic and historical places by using private transfer services.

Cakir Travel Kemer Transfer

Çakır Travel provides private transfer services for Kemer, one of the busiest, touristic and crowded districts of Antalya. With Çakır Travel transfer services, you can have an economical, comfortable and reliable travel with professional drivers.

By taking advantage of private transfer services, you do not have to think about transportation when you land at Antalya Airport. Your departure and return are guaranteed with private transfer reservations. You can reach the transportation point from the airport with the most comfortable vehicles on the date and time of your reservation, without looking for vehicles such as taxis, minibuses and buses at the airport.