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Visitor: The person who visits the website.

Services: The service provided by the website.

As, we respect your privacy rights and strive to ensure this during your time on our site. Definitions related to the security of your personal information are explained below and presented for your information. If you have any questions about the contract, please do not hesitate to send an e-mail to As, the privacy of our visitors is one of our priorities.

Cakir Travel acts as a data controller in line with the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 and other applicable legislation. In this context, your personal data is recorded by Cakir Travel or on behalf of Cakir Travel as the data controller, in accordance with the conditions specified here, updated and stored whenever there are reasons that require processing, shared with third parties at home and abroad, and processed by other methods specified in the Law.

Cakir Travel, within the scope of your personal data, based on your express consent or where allowed by the relevant legal regulations:

Your name, surname, profession, address, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail address and other contact information,

1. Your identity and passport information,

2. Your ticketing and flight reservation details (the HES Code you will inform in this context),

3. Your information regarding billing and payment instruments,

4. Your product order and usage information,

5. Your information regarding your personal interests,

6. The information you have conveyed to our employees within the scope of your requests and complaints regarding products and services,

7. Your information regarding your use of our website, mobile applications and other communication and service channels,

8. It may collect your preferences for products or services or your past experience.

Cakir Travel, pursuant to your express consent or where permitted by the relevant legal regulations, your personal data:

a) To make your Reservation, Ticket, Additional Product and Service purchases and to manage your vehicle transfer account,

b) Better meet your travel needs,

c) To provide you with private transfers and services,

d) By creating a database, performing listing, reporting, verification, analysis and evaluations, producing statistical information, creating a strategy for the guest experience, performing user profiling, singularization, data enrichment activities and, if necessary, complying with the confidentiality conditions, they are transferred to third parties who are experts in the business. to share with

e) To analyze how you use our website, mobile applications and other communication and sales channels and to make our communication channels specific to you in order to serve you better,

f) To research and develop our products and services and your personal choices regarding them,

g) To contact you through the communication channels you have shared with us, directly for the purpose of market research or through the service providers from whom service is obtained for this purpose,

h) To introduce our services or related products to you, to maintain promotional commercial communication about new products, special flight offers and other information that you think you will find interesting,

i) Traveling by land, including ensuring your safety and security during the transfer service, protecting the life and property of Cakir Travel, Cakir Travel employees, organizations serving Cakir Travel or their employees or Cakir Travel's guests, or complying with the rules set forth in this article. It can be used for the purpose of facilitating the travel of the persons who will be traveling or making a security and risk assessment, fulfilling the legal obligations or the requests of the authorized administrative institutions.

Cakir Travel, based on your express consent or in cases permitted by the relevant legal regulations, can collect your personal data in the country and abroad for the purposes listed here:

a) With business partners,

b) With its employees, group companies, service providers, authorized agents that carry out your transactions, and other transfer companies within the framework of flight cooperations and partnerships,

c) In accordance with the rules of road transport, with authorized administrative institutions in the country and abroad, and with other relevant persons and organizations in line with legal obligations,

d) It can share it with the relevant administrative authorities for the purpose of ensuring public and travel safety and fulfilling the obligations arising from the legal regulations in force in the countries where travel is made.

Cakir Travel may collect your personal data through Cakir Travel Website, Cakir Travel Mobile Applications, Cakir Travel Call Center, Sales Offices, Travel Agencies authorized to sell Cakir Travel products and services, and sales channels operating on the internet and may store them for as long as necessary for the purposes specified here.

By always contacting our Company:

1. Learning whether your Personal Data is Processed,

2. If Your Personal Data Has Been Processed, Requesting Information Regarding This,

3. Learning the Purpose of Processing Your Personal Data and Whether They Are Used Appropriately For Its Purpose,

4. Knowing the Third Parties To Which Your Personal Data Is Transferred In The Country And Abroad And Learning The Technical And Administrative Measures Applied For Data Transfer Abroad,

5. Requesting Correction of Your Personal Data in Case of Incomplete or Incorrect Processing,

6. Requesting the Deletion or Anonymization of Your Personal Data, Provided that the Reasons Requiring the Processing of your Personal Data have disappeared,

7. Requesting notification of the Transactions in Clauses (5) and (6) to the Third Parties to which Your Personal Data has been Transferred,

8. You Have the Right to Object to a Result Against You by Analyzing Your Personal Data Exclusively Through Automatic Systems. This

Your requests in writing and signed on behalf of the personal data protection manager teomanpaşa mah. 2205 St. You can send it to our address 53/7 kepez / antalya or via the communication section of the Cakir Travel website or other application channels specified here.

By using the Cakir Travel website, Cakir Travel mobile applications and other transferpax communication channels, or by purchasing or using the products or services offered by Cakir Travel through any sales channel, you accept the matters stated in the Cakir Travel privacy rules and give Cakir Travel permission for the matters specified here.

When you make a transaction with Cakir Travel on behalf of another passenger or service user, Cakir Travel may process the personal data you shared on behalf of both you and the person you are transacting on behalf of. In this case, Cakir Travel can directly contact the passenger on whose behalf you are dealing with regarding the travel.


Regarding commercial electronic messages, promotion of products and services offered by Cakir Travel and Cakir Travel business partners, new products and services, special transfer offers, information about your travel, through your contact information, in Cakir Travel member registration and all other channels of Cakir Travel, within the framework of the communication permissions you have given. You agree to receive commercial electronic communications about other information that is relevant or that Cakir Travel considers to be of interest to you. In this context, Cakir Travel provides you with the options in the messages sent to you, upon your request to stop the transmission of the said messages over some or all communication channels. 


If you believe that Cakir Travel has inaccurate or incomplete information about you, please contact us as soon as possible. Cakir Travel will correct any information found to be inaccurate.

As a Cakir Travel member, if you want to access or change your data in Cakir Travel, you can do so from the "MY BOOKING" page in the TransferPax membership tab on the Cakir Travel Website or Cakir Travel Mobile Applications.


Cakir Travel attaches importance to protecting the privacy of your information. Our forms where you submit data are protected by 128 Bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), which is an encrypted communication channel during transmission. When the said information reaches Cakir Travel, this information is protected in accordance with our security and privacy standards. In order to benefit from SSL, your web browser must support SSL and the SSL options in your browser must be enabled.

Each Cakir Travel member has a username and password to be determined by himself. “Username” is unique to the member and the same username cannot be given to two different members. The “password” is known only to the user. The user can change his password at any time. The choice and protection of the password is the user's responsibility. Cakir Travel is not responsible for any problems arising from the use of passwords.

Similarly, keeping confidential the reservation (PNR) code specially arranged for you regarding the reservations you have made through different communication and sales channels, or the password and usage information generated and shared within the scope of the products and services offered by Cakir Travel or the campaign applications. is the responsibility of the individual. If the confidentiality of this information is not ensured, third parties can access your reservation information.

Your data is stored only as long as it is necessary for the needs of our business process or legal obligations. The details of your credit card information are not stored on our servers.


 The Cakir Travel website contains various links to make it easier for you to visit other websites and allows some content prepared by third parties to be viewed through these links. Since Cakir Travel has no control over the linked websites, Cakir Travel will not be responsible, and when you use any of these links, the privacy terms and conditions of our site will not be valid.

The responsibilities arising from your access, content, use and information provided on the linked websites will be entirely yours. Any sharing of your personal data through linked websites is subject to the information, other notifications and rules determined by the third parties who operate the relevant website and act as data controllers within the scope of applicable legislation.


Cookies are small data files placed on your computer via your browser by the internet web server. When a connection is established between your browser and the server, the site recognizes you through cookies. The purpose of using cookies is to provide convenience to the user visiting the website.

There are four types of cookies according to their intended use: Session Cookies, Performance Cookies, Functional Cookies and Advertising and Third Party Cookies. Session cookies are temporary cookies that are kept in the user's browser until they leave the Cakir Travel website. Other cookies are those that remain in the user's browser unless they are deleted by the user. The lifetime of cookies varies depending on the browser settings made by the user.

Cakir Travel uses Session Cookies, Performance Cookies, Functional Cookies and Advertising and Third Party Cookies on its website.

a. Session Cookies: These types of cookies are necessary for the Cakir Travel website to function properly. These cookies enable the website to be visited and to benefit from its features. Session cookies are used to carry information between pages on the website and to eliminate the necessity of re-entering the information.

b. Performance Cookies: Through these cookies, information about the frequency of visits to the pages, the relevant error messages, if any, the time spent on the pages and the way the user uses the website are collected. By means of this information, it is ensured that the performance of the website is increased.

c. Functional Cookies: With these cookies, the options that the user has made on the site (for example, the selected city, flight date) are remembered, thus providing convenience to the user. These cookies provide users with advanced internet features.

D. Advertising and Third Party Cookies: Cookies belonging to third party suppliers are used for the use of some functions on the Cakir Travel website (for example, cookies created by social media sharing tools on transfer points and promotion pages). There are also cookies from companies that track advertisements on the website.

In general, internet browsers are predefined to automatically accept cookies. Browsers can be set to block cookies or to alert the user when cookies are sent to the device. Since managing cookies differs from browser to browser, you can refer to the browser's help menu for detailed information. For details about the deletion or blocking of cookies and general information about cookies, you can get information from

We recommend that you view the Cakir Travel Privacy Rules each time you visit the website and use our mobile applications. Because by using our website or mobile applications, it will be assumed that you have read and accepted the latest version of the Cakir Travel Privacy Rules, including the changed terms. In addition, by purchasing or using the products or services offered by Cakir Travel through any sales channel, it will be assumed that you have accepted the matters specified in the Cakir Travel Privacy Rules applicable at the date of the transaction. Any dispute regarding the Cakir Travel Privacy Policy is subject to the laws of the Republic of Turkey and Antalya courts and enforcement offices are authorized to resolve disputes.

This information is originally in Turkish and is Turkish law. Any misunderstanding or change in meaning resulting from translation into other languages ​​will not be taken into account.

Only the original text in the official language remains accurate data.